The Farmand statuette.
Beeing a "farmand" (or farmann in contemporary modern Norwegian spelling)  was to be a seafaring tradesman in the Norse saga era; a "man" who would travel "far" as in "to travel far and wide".

The Founding of Farmand

The inspiration from
The Economist Newspaper

The First World War WWI

Mr. Trygve J.B. Hoff

The Second World War WWII

The Mont Pelerin Society

Milton Friedman in Farmand

Friedrich Hayek in Farmand

James Buchanan in Farmand

Ludvig von Mises in Farmand

The London Connection

The USA Connection
New York N.Y.
Washington D.C.

Crown Prince Olav in Farmand

Sven Rydenfeldt in Farmand

Editor: Einar Sundt
1891 - 1935

Editor: Trygve J.B. Hoff
1935 - 1974

Editor: Kåre Varvin
1974 - 1983

Editor: Ole Jacob Hoff
1983 - 1989

The Discontinuation Of Farmand

Typical front page from a 1947 edition. Notice the full page advertisment.

Farmand business magazine

This site is dedicated to the legacy of the classical Farmand business magazine.

Farmand was published from Oslo, Norway continiously from 1891 until it was discontinued in 1989 with the exception of the WWII period from 1940-1945. It was a classical liberal and market liberal weekly news magazine.

Farmand enjoyed such prominent columnists as Milton Friedman, Friedrich August von Hayek, James Buchanan, Ludvig von Mises and others, some of whom formed the early Mont Pelerin Society and go on to become Nobel Laurates in Economics.

Published from Oslo Norway Farmand was a torchbearer of classical liberalism, reason and individual liberty through its time in history increasingly infuenced by collectivist thought.

The creator of the unique spirit of the Farmand magazine was undisputedly Mr. Trygve J.B. Hoff who bought the magazine in 1935 and who stayed on as sole owner until his passing in 1982.
From 1982 the magazine passed to his son Ole Jacob Hoff. The magazine declined and was discontinued in 1989.
Farmand was published mainly in the Norwegian language but would often feature articles from foreign authors in their original English, German, Swedish or Danish. Thus Milton Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, James Buchanan and many others were published in English.

Farmand main editors:
Einar Sundt: - 1891 - 1935
Trygve J.B. Hoff: 1935 - 1982
Kåre Varvin: 1982 - 1983
Ole Jacob Hoff: 1983 - 1989

Several intermediary editors.

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Farmand - Wikipedia
Trygve J.B. Hoff


Nobel Laurates
In Farmand

Milton Friedman

Friedrich von Hayek

James Buchanan

Farmand has been revived from Oslo Norway, now in the contemporary modern spelling "Farmann".
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